August 22

We are wrapped in a cloud of mist and Oden has been disturbingly rocking for the last twelve hours. On the top of that, we just switched to UTC-12hr time to follow the daylight cycle, which means that this morning we all woke up much earlier than usual, but without the benefit of breakfast.

We are travelling in very shallow waters (~50 m depth) across the Chuckchi Sea, heading to the first working station, which we will be approaching by Sunday morning.

The geophysical equipment is fully operational since take off, yielding incredibly detailed maps and seismic profiles of the sea floor, whereas meteorological balloons are launched every six hours to capture the vertical distribution of temperature, humidity, and wind strength up to 20 km above our heads.

On the other hand, the coring group is awaiting, eager to pull up some mud from the bottom of the ocean. Two more days before we are drowned beneath tens of long sediment cores, which will need to be thoroughly investigated around the wide range of their chemical, physical, and biological characteristics.
Two more days before Oden becomes a true hub of activity.


by Francesco Muschitiello
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