Anna Karin Bäckebo

To aid science communication and outreach, the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat have a Teachers Program. Through the program, Swedish teachers are invited to take part in research expeditions so that their personal experiences in the polar regions and their contact with scientists may spark interest in research in this regions among their pupils.

Anna-Carin Bäckebo has been selected to participate in the expedition’s first leg. Anna-Carin teaches mathematics, chemistry and physics at Maserskolan in Borlänge, Sweden. Whilst on Oden, she will work closely with Leif Andersson and the marine chemical research group from the University of Gothenburg.

Josef Bull och Anna Karin Bäckebo. Photo: Stella Papadopoulou

SWERUS-C3 teacher is Anna Karin Bäckebo

Anna Karin will be participating in the Expeditons' Leg 1 


Link to the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat's Teachers programme 

Read Anna Karin Bäckebo's travel letters during the expedition:

Anna Karin's travel letters
"Nu är det snart dags att lämna..."
Anna Karin's travel letters
"På väg till Herald Canyon"
Anna Karin's travel letters
"Äntligen skiner solen"
Anna Karin's travel letters
"På väg mot is!"
Anna Karin's travel letters
"Vattentemperaturen snart badvänligt..."
Anna Karin's travel letters
"Nu har det varit fullt upp!"
Anna Karin's travel letters
"Havet är så djupt nu"
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